Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I've been lurking around the knitting blogs for so long that finally to have joined in for my first Sockapalooza feels a little like getting picked for a team at recess after standing on the sidelines for a years. Soooo exciting.

I have finally jumped on the blog bandwagon too, though my blog is a pretty well-kept secret. I realize that blogging is supposed to create a public forum, and yet I have kept my own blog pretty much under my hat. I am either testing the waters or fostering a secret knitting persona. My blog may be the adult equivalent of an imaginary friend.

Anyway, this is my first exchange of any kind (unless you count the one-sided knitting and bestowing of Christmas and birthday gifts as an "exchange"), and I am really excited. Unfortunately, with 1,006 of us there will be so many blog entries that it will be hard to follow the various narrative threads (or should I say "yarns"?) of socks-in-progress.

But I would appreciate a tip: "secret" simply means that our sock pal cannot know who we are, correct? We can post pictures of our socks-in-progress on our own blogs, or here? Or do we simply have to use evocative prose to record our progress?

Happy Socking to all.

PS You guys weren’t kidding that it can be hard to post here – I have been trying to get this to post since last night! (Something I said?)

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Yarnthulhu said...

I know exactly how you feel: I'm a dedicated lurker, myself. This is my first swap ever, and it is so exciting!