Friday, May 18, 2007

Socks are started

I've picked a pattern, selected a nice soft yarn in colours that my pal has indicated she likes, and have started my first ever Sock Exchange sock -- I hope my pal likes it. The yarn I am using is the blue one on the right (Garnstudios Fabel) (#677 in the link) ... the other 2 colours are for me (#901, #902 in the chart)

So far so good, I am liking the way it is looking, and the pattern is not too difficult to learn the rhythm of. I am knitting a Cookie pattern, and was a little nervous that I might not "catch it" but I have it under control now, and am cruising right along.

I don't want to say too much yet ... I am terrible with secrets, and am scared i will blurt out who I am knitting for, and where it is going (although with 1,000 people taking part, I can probably give out a few hints without risk of being figured out! hahha!)