Thursday, May 10, 2007

destash: unicorn sock yarn

Hey there. I'm almost done with my first pair of
socks ever. See pics here:
I must say I'm a bit put off by sock yarn prices. As
in, "oh my sweet [insert appropriate noun here],
$20-$40 a pair??? Ack!"
I can say that I really like socks, but heaven forbid
I should ever use anything but sport weight yarn.
What is it about sock yarn that makes it so expensive?
Is it the color? Or that it is tiny? Is it spun by
unionized faeries out of sustainably harvested unicorn
Where do I go to get affordable sock yarn? Is it
worth it to even look on the internet, given shipping
costs? Can someone with very little disposable income
even consider a sock yarn addiction? Eeek!


Suzann said...

There are lots of commercial sock yarns. Opal, Regia, etc. Try Ebay. Or Google for Opal and Regia.

tons of hand dyed sock yarn at Etsy
Fearless Fibers and See Jayne Knit are two I have ordered from
And there are links in the sidebar that are offering discounts for Sockapalozza knitters


Knitopia said...

Good deals are sometimes available courtesy of other knit bloggers who post at and And has a lot of affordable yarn.

Dharmafey said...

*sigh* it is a problem... I tried to tally up my recent sock yarn purchases, including dyeing supplies, and got a little overwhelmed. Thankfully I'm selling yarn now so that defrays the expenditures.

Jenneke said...

Dying your own yarn (with Koolaid) is a relatively inexpensive and yet very special way of getting lovely and unique yarn. And it's fun too :)