Tuesday, May 8, 2007

As a new sock knitter, I was wondering , is there yarn that i should stay away from for my sock knitting urges?


Jennifer said...

LOL! No! Knit with whatever looks good and fun for you.

s b said...

Well...the basic rule-of-thumb for socks is to knit them at a TIGHT gauge. I personally think fingering or sport weight is best, but if your sockpal lives in a very (very very) cold region they might get use out of DK or worsted weight. But since I have to somehow manage to squeeze my sock-clad feet into my shoes, I prefer the lighter weights knit on size 0 or 1. Also, if you can find a wool blend with nylon in it, your socks will last longer (Mountain Colors bearfoot, lorna's laces shepherd sock, Trekking, Regia, and knitpicks essential are a few examples...there really are tons to choose from). If you have a good local yarn shop, they will most likely be more than happy to help you find a good yarn. And as an added bonus, some knitting support usually comes with your yarn purchase--might come in handy with the first pair of socks.

Margaret said...

Sock yarn preferences are very individual. A yarn that one knitter loves, another might really dislike. Try some different yarns, make some notes for yourself on whether you like:
- all-wool vs wool/nylon vs the various cotton/soy/bamboo blends
- tightly twisted springy yarns like Koigu, STR, Cherry Tree Hill, Claudias, and others vs the smooth, less twisty yarns like Lornas Laces, Trekking, Opal, Regia, etc.
- do you like to knit at a very fine gauge of 8-9spi or do you prefer fewer stitches per inch but with the result of a thicker sock

It's a little like a preference of needles, or toe-up vs top-down, or heel flap vs short row. Find what suits you and fits/wears best by trying some different things.