Saturday, May 26, 2007


I would love to make the Springgrass Socks for my SockPal, but it seems to me like the pattern is written toe-up. I have not done toe-up socks and I don't think now is a good time for me to learn how!

My question is, can I do these socks top-down? And, if so, what, if any, modifications need to be made to the pattern?



Holly said...

Of course you can knit them top down. Knit what ever you want for a cuff, then start on the pattern. Write out the rows in the reverse order. Knit your favorite heel when you get to that point, then go down the foot with pattern on top and what ever you want for the sole.
But the key is to reverse the pattern rows or it will be upside down.

linda said...

Certainly you could reverse but I say try toe up. It isn't that hard and there are plenty of places on line to find help. Not much to rip out if your can't get it... No need to do a gauge swatch - the toe can be the swatch. Dare you!

Margaret said...

I'm knitting Springgrass top down for my sock pal. I needed a little more width so added a couple of stitches as a twisted rib at each side, and didn't bother to reverse the pattern. It's different, but still looks nice.

Toe up is fun, and no harder than top down. There are several toe-up flap heels online if you don't want to knit a short-row heel.

Beaver Tales said...

This season's Interweave Knits actually has a whole multi-page article on doing toe-up socks. It's personally my favourite method and, as everyone else has mentioned, it's just as easy as top-down. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it's the most efficient method; you can use exactly as much yarn as you want to without ever having to worry that you won't make it to the toe! Give it a shot!