Saturday, April 28, 2007

blogger problems

Hi all!

Many of you have been having problems with Blogger. Blogger says it doesn't have a limit as to how many members can be on a blog or how many posts you can have, but I have a feeling we're testing it here with Sockapalooza! Update: Yes, the official word from Blogger is that they "can't handle" a blog this size. Hmmm... they might should change that line about no limits, huh? Stay tuned for more info on how we can stay in touch with each other and keep up with each other's progress. Big things are in the works!

Here are some of the common problems.

Problem #1: Invitation doesn't work.

Some people have had luck copying and pasting the link into a new window. Some people have had the link finally work after a day. Others have had me resend it. Over 600 members have already signed up, so I feel like we should be able to get everyone into the blog. If anyone has any more suggestions, leave 'em in the comments!

Problem #2: You're a member of the blog, see it on your dashboard, but can't post because blogger keeps asking you to sign in again.

Lots of people are having this problem. Blogger has a few tips about solving this problem here. Has the problem gone away for anyone? If anyone knows more about the issue or has any more info, leave it in the comments, okay?

Problem #3: You're trying to do something (like post) and you get error messages.

I'm having this problem too. I get a server error with practically everything I try to do. I'm surprised by this since the blog isn't that big yet and even though we have 600 members, imagine how many people are accessing Blogger all day long. 600 should be just a blip to them. And we're not ALL posting at the same time.

Anyway, often I notice it'll do what I was trying to do even though all I get is an error. So if this happens, WAIT a few minutes and see if your post did go through. We've got lots of duplicate posts when people keep retrying over and over. Unfortunately, I can't access the posts at all to edit them (yup, I get an error!), so I can't delete any duplicates as of right now. Does anyone have any other helpful info about this?

Lastly, I have to remind you that I don't run Blogger. I don't know how to fix these problems. I have reported our problems to Blogger and I know some of you have too. I hope they can help us. If the blog is too big, I can break it up into smaller blogs, but according to Blogger's own info this shouldn't be necessary. I've got my fingers crossed that we'll get this all settled in the first few weeks here and then can focus on our knitting!!


Jenn said...

They were having problems similar to this on the sexy knitters blog. ( might check it out. I believe they have a post that includes who they worked with to make changes to make it work better. It might be helpful!

Elizabeth said...

First off, Alison, you're awesome and I think everyone knows this is a blogger issue. I think the problem might just be that people are actually trying to post at the same time, which jams up the works. My one word of advice is everyone posting, is that if you get an error message while trying to post, check the blog after a few minutes before trying to repost. Sometimes even if blogger tells you you can't post the post still goes up and if everyone's sitting there trying to repost posts that are already up, it'll just gum things up further.

Hopefully, as things go on there will be less simultaneous posting and it'll go more smoothly. We're all just so excited right now that we want to dig into the posting!

noricum said...

I'm not having problems on my other blogger blogs, so I'm thinking this has to do with the number of members and simultaneous access. I found that although I got errors here, if I tried again, things went through.

Jen said...

I had problem #2 this morning and problem #3 about 5 minutes ago - lucky me! But then I checked the blog, and found out that my post had in fact gone through at some point. How random!

Thanks, Alison, for organizing all of this!

Jeanne said...

I'm also having problems this week, with #1 (invitation doesn't go through) and #3 (posts don't go through). Very frustrating.

If any in the non-knitting community had doubts about our numbers, this might open their eyes! A thousand right here!

Jacqui said...

I'm having a bit of a different problem. The link goes through, I sign in, and then the next page never loads. :-(

Jacqui said...

BTW--Bless you for all your hard work! Thanks!

gina.d said...

Help, I too am having the same problem as Jacqui. The link to sign up goes through, I enter my password then the next page never loads.
By the way, thank you very much Alison for hosting this exchange.

Heather said...

Thank you Alison, for all your hard work.

I am still having the same issue as Jacqui. The invitation works fine, but the page never loads. I'm not even sure why it's asking me to log in...I'm already logged in :S