Monday, May 14, 2007

a belated hi (again)

i have had ZERO luck posting here. i tried when we had known blogger issues and gave up and have tried a couple more times, maybe this one will work! (I blame no one but blogger, FYI. ;-))

so hi from sunny and less smoky florida! this is my first sockapalooza, but my 2nd sock exchange (not including the wee one,) the first being sock wars. I was assassinated 1-1/3 socks into it, but it was great fun and I loved all my sock pals! I've made contact with my recipient and she seems great too, I'm excited to be knitting for her! Monkey seems to be a trend here and a local knitter friend (I would link to her here, but she's in sockapalooza too and I fear I will somehow jeopardize anonymity so I will skip it, but she's great and her monkeys are absolutely fabulous, trust me) made them recently and I have been drooling over them, so I might just go that route! Finally decided on yarn, but having issues choosing a pattern now, of course!

I'm going to leave it at that in fear this won't work. Oh, my secret sock pal contacted me too, so everything is chill in sockapaloozaville on this end. Happy knitting everyone!!!! :-)

-kb out

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