Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hello From Nova Scotia!

This is my second round of Sockapalooza. I was in the last round. I have received my Pal's info, and my Pal has left an anonymous comment on my blog, so all is well. I am going to a Lucy Neatby workshop on the 12th with a fellow Sockapaloozer and two others. We plan on checking out the LYS in that town on the way home. I plan on looking for yarn for her socks there first. They have a wall of sock yarn, so I'm hoping something will catch my eye. (We have a yarn shop in the store where I work, but we don't have hand-dyed. That's what I'm leaning towards.) I have some patterns in mind, but I won't decide for certain until I get the yarn.

Happy knitting!

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