Monday, May 7, 2007

False Start

I was so excited to see the sock assignments go out. I went to my sock buddy's blog and poked around a bit to see what sort of colors and patterns they might enjoy. After skulking around for a while I thought I had a good idea what they would like, and even better I was pretty sure I had yarn and a pattern on hand that would work.

I started knitting on the sock I had picked out. The yarn, Regia Bamboo, and pattern, Pomatomous, are working well together but I don't think they are the best combo for my sock pal. Oh well, I'm going to keep knitting on the sock; it will end up being a Christmas present.

As for my sock pals socks, I bought some more yarn and have a couple of patterns in mind. Hopefully things will work better this time.


Anonymous said...

That's what is so sweet about the August 2nd ship date. I certainly have sock yarn and a pattern that will be perfect for my pal. I also will most certainly knit more than 1 pair before I am satisfied. I figure I'll be killing 2, or 3, or more birds with 1 stone...a perfect pair of socks for my pal and early Christmas gifts.

Gloria said...

I also bought the Regia Bamboo for my sock pal and am having a hard time finding a pattern that works well with it. Maybe I'll try Pomatomous, or maybe this is a good excuse to go back to the yarn store and buy some more yarn!