Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hello?tap tap Is this thing on?

I have been trying to post for days!Bless little Bloggers heart!
I am La Verna and I blog here.I am a native Texan and I love to knit and swap.
My partner hasn't claimed me yet so I'll just ride the carousel here in baggage handling looking all sad until said partner does.:)
Glad to be here with all this positive sock energy.I have cast on a pair with some Tofutsies.I love this yarn!There is a free pattern on their website called Tidal Wave.I am loving it so far.These socks are for a Mother's Day gift for my new MIL but they are looking so gorgeous,I may have to repeat them for my sock partner.
Looking forward to meeting all of y'all!

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Laura said...

I knit those for my MIL, aren't they pretty. I was thinking the same thing for my sock partner :)