Saturday, May 5, 2007

Haloscan Outted Me to my Pal!!

I am so upset right now. Even though I cleared the "website" field when I commented on my Spoilee's site, Haloscan INCLUDED MY WEBSITE. What can I do to fix this screw-up?? And no, Haloscan does not allow the commenter to delete what was said, even in Blogger.


Laura said...

I emailed you! Hope it helps. :)

Sockapalooza said...

Same thing happened to me. My spoilee has "promised" not to look at my blog. I know that if it was me, I'd never be able to resist.

Julie said...

Oh no! That stinks!

Khris Loux said...

Please take a look at at the JS-Kit Comment widget. It is free, one line of HTML, and among lots of other things your readers **CAN** delete their comments.

The Comment widget runs on our home page and you can try it out for yourself!


Lexy Girl said...

The same thing happened to me!!!

Let's start a "Haloscan Ruined My Life Club"

Okay maybe I'm being dramatic, but I am so with you *hug*

Teej said...

Same here! Fortunately, my pal has also promised restraint, and I've decided that I'll simply email her directly instead of comment on her blog so as not to unneccessarily tempt her in the future!

knitty_kat said...

I was going to comment on my pals blog. Unfortunately she has anonymous comments turned off, which doesn't help!