Monday, May 7, 2007

Alison says "No worries!"

It was cool to get a comment from Alison. She was reassuring, of course. It would be fun to hear from my pals, but I guess this means I put plenty of info on my sign-up form. And I can definitely work with what my pal told me and what I can read in her blog archives.

So for now I will "go with the flow." In fact, that's the first pattern I tried for my pal. It's pretty, but too holey and airy for the fuzzy, wooly, wintery yarn I am using - Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Need to look for a pattern that gets its texture from something other than a bunch of YOs.

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Katy C said...

Yeah, the pal who is knitting for me emailed me this afternoon. That makes me very happy.