Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sock pal, where art thou?

I hate to join the worry party, but I haven't heard from my pal, either. I'll admit that I'm concerned . . . my giftee (sockee?) told me that she got "stiffed" last year. At least I can rescue her from that fate this year!

I'm going to sign off now and see if I can actually post today!

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Heddy said...

I can't reply to your previous post for some reason ... but thought it would be ok to do it here .

This is my first Sockapalooza, and I think it is going well. I guess you just have to "ride the wave" and hope that you get socksfrom someone, and that the person who has your name is committed to the project ... I have a friend who was in this last year and didn't get her socks by the deadline, and had sent hers to her sock buddy ... figured she got stiffed, but a month or so later, got the socks and a nice note explaining that there was a family crisis and that was why the socks weren't sone on time. I think by setting up a whole bunch of "rules" and if you don't follow them you are out, just makes it a lot more complex and less fun.

Ride the wave, trust in the good knitters out there -- perhaps yours in on holiday somewhere wonderful and is picking out great yarn and a pretty pattern to be perfect for you!