Sunday, September 14, 2008

Success! and Baby WIPs

Finally, one of my cats voluntarily settled upon one of the Kitty Pi beds I've made. I only had to put him in and pet him for a minute or two. See Teddy. See Teddy sleep. Sleep, Teddy, sleep!
Maybe he'll get the hang of it, but I doubt it since he purposely mushed down the edge. What should I expect from a cat who lives life on his own terms, who prefers to drink from and play in the toilet rather than his nice fresh ceramic water dish. Nothing worse than the feeling when he climbs on me with wet paws and expects petting. So I proclaim this a success, though not worthy of Wendy's Kitty Bed gallery. Kitty Pi pattern link

Baby due dates are drawing near and I only have one baby suitably knitted for. Try and end that sentence without a preposition. It's beyond my grasp. I do have some baby WIPs in progress.
A side to side sweater from the Opal pattern. Trekking & Kroy. Supposed to be unisex. It may be a little too ambitious to finish at this point.

A garter stitch blanket (unpictured) ala Elizabeth Zimmermann from The Opinionated Knitter. This I may frog even though it's turning out to be a fairly quick knit, and I have 50% done, not counting seaming, of which there is a lot, and I picked the colors and yarn myself. I'm mixing primaries and black in a switch every other row pattern. I don't like the black or the other colors for that matter. I think I will only like this pattern in solids, tweeds, and the like or slowly changing colors. Is this an excuse to order some yarn I have been eyeing at Little Knits? NO! NOT until you knit enough yarn to be able to watch a DVD or at least find somewhere else to put yarn. Yes, I should know better than that. Shame on me. Ravelry link to pattern page & projects

A 100% wool, non-superwash blanket which I'll probably frog because who's going to want to wash it? It is my favorite of this whole bunch, though. No pattern.
A couple of bibs--these are actually complete, but they're for the baby whose knitting is already complete and a friend of his. Modern Cabled Baby Bib by Gibsongirl. On Ravelry.

Such is my progress toward the 4 babies left who are due in October for whom I wish to knit. Basically, I've made none.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

in my mothers name: DRAWING FOR 3 GIFTS!

in my mothers name: DRAWING FOR 3 GIFTS!

Hello Randi. This is Katy from the Tomball knitting group.