Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hello everyone! How are you? I'm super!As in, SUPER EXCITED to participate in Sockapalooooza! This is the second time I have participated in Sockapalooza. The first time was last year and it was a really GREAT .

I hail from Hawaii: home of hot beaches, exotic flowers, and rush hour traffic (yes, we have that, too).I started making a Monkey sock using Yarn Pirate merino & tencel sock yarn in the Sadie colorway.

Based on my pal's color preferences, I think she might like this one so I will finish the first sock before I decide if it is good enough for my pal.

There are still three more months before I actually have to send out her socks, so there will be plenty of time to knit more potential pal socks and get to know her better through her blog. I'm excited...!

Ooh! I almost forgot!

You can peek in on my blog here if you like. I promise I'm not this nuts. I am just bored and I got new sunglasses. I think they're a little to big for my face, but I love them!


Shelley said...

That colourway is so pretty! I'm sure your pal would like it. So far the Monkey sock is looking great in that colourway. I'll stop by and visit your blog.

nat said...

I'm jealous of your sunshine and beaches! The socks look great, the colorway is fantastic

Knitopia said...

Your post is a hoot!

Carrie said...

I love your superhero photo, the sunglasses are perfect for it.

Cirilia said...

Hmmmmm....I like all those colors...and Cookie A patterns...and MONKEYS!!! I hope it is me!