Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ready to knit!

My victimsockpal is picky. Oh so picky, about fiber, about color, about pattern and color combinations. I looked at her blog, what amazing things she has knit.
It is ok, I have the ability to knit her socks that will make her happy, that it is not possible for her to knit herself, that I know that she has never knit.

What is really a hoot is that we lived in that city once in our lives. But there is now an ocean between so no chance of running into each other on the street.

Evil chuckle as she winds the yarn

Heidelberg Germanay


Missmalice said...

I like your style!!! :)

Purl said...

Hi Holly, I was in Heidelberg last year and fell in love with it. You live in a fantastic place!

CozyStitches said...

Hey Holly,

I was BORN in Heidelberg! :D Way cool. :)


Holly said...

And, for what it is worth - I tried posting this about 12 hours ago. Blogger said [nuts to your]"error, try back later."

Since I had work to do, I quit after coming back three times, never knowing that the post actually came through.

So appologies up front if it repeats.

Tells me something for future posts.

Heidelberg (which is a pretty decent place to live, according to the DH and the teens which is why we live here and I commute 100+ km to work)