Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Looking for a good yarn store

Hi everyone! I thought I would take this opportunity of having so many knitters from all over the world at my finger tips to ask for some help in finding a few good yarn store in Scotland. I'm going for a little vacation next week and would like to get some good Scottish wool or just cool stuff I can't get at home. I'll be in Edinburgh for a good part of it and on the Isle of Skye as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and who knows I may even get some super special sock yarn for my pal, which may be you!


Michaela said...

Oh my goodness! If you are on the Isle of Skye, you must make the trek to Shilasdair Yarn ( It's located on the Waternish Penninsula on the northern part of the island, and it is like heaven. :)

Enjoy your trip -- I spent a week in southern Scotland and the Isle of Skye last May and loved every minute.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I checked the Knittyboard and Knitters Review and discovered one store in Glasgow. K1 Yarns
Hope you enjoy your trip!

Margaret said...

I'm curious about the answer too as I will be in Edinburgh for a few days for DSD's graduation from the University in June. No time to get Skye this trip, but I've been and it is gorgeous.