Wednesday, May 2, 2007

it's a WIP..!

... okay, not so much a work in PROGRESS, but a work in planning! There's this yarn that's been calling to me for ages. I've had it in my basket at The Loopy Ewe no less than half a dozen times, but just couldn't justify buying MORE yarn until I make a serious dent in the yarn I already have. Thankfully, purple wasn't one of the colors my partner said "no way" to, so I could finally order it for her instead of me. :-D

Have you ever been just so taken with a colorway to the point where you HAD to have it? Even if just to knit up for someone else? This is that yarn for me: Schaefer Anne in "Grape Escape".

Oh, and it's going to turn into the Embossed Leaves socks, which I've already started (and frogged) in a badly-chosen variegated Koigu and loved despite the colors hiding the pattern, so I can't wait to try them again in a yarn that'll show off the gorgeous leaf motif. I'll be sure to post some WIP pictures eventually... I have a feeling I'm going to finish them WAY before August (heck, I bet I'll finish them in the next few weeks!) so holding them until send-off is going to be tough.

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