Tuesday, May 1, 2007

hey sockbuddies!

Wow. This is just MASSIVE. Are there really 1,000 of us?! I love it!

Hi, I'm Kris. Or, according to this, "Kristin N" if that's who you're looking for. ;) I finally gave in and re-started a knitting blog at http://slipkrisknit.blogspot.com, and soon I might even have time to take pics of FO's and WIPs for it, wouldn't that be nice? :-D

Anyways, I've been knitting for a few years off and on, but it took learning to knit socks to kick me back into knitting overdrive. Now, so long as I have a sock on the needles, I get other projects done too! I'm definitely a process knitter though, so the more interesting and fun the pattern is and the nicer the yarn is, the happier I am. Which makes swaps just the best thing ever for me.

I hope you all post lots of WIP pictures and I can't wait to think about a thousand pairs of handknitted socks flying all over the world in August!

PS - geez I hope they fix these server issues, or this is going to be unworkable. I've been trying to post this for 10 15 20 minutes now and getting nothing but errors. Argh. :(

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