Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hello from Halifax!

Hello all - I'm new to sock swaps and am eagerly looking forwards to seeing all the lovely socks that are created for this KAL. I have my sock partner's info, and have chosen the yarn and pattern based on her preferences. I'm so spoiled - she likes pretty colours and lace socks - this is going to be a blast! I'm thinking of Baudelaire from knitty.com in this colourway from The Natural Dye Studio. Hope she likes it!

I can be blogstalked here. ;)


La Cabeza Grande said...

Beautiful yarn choice! I just checked your blog and you mentioned Hedera as a possible pattern as well. I've knit Hedera and can attest to its ease and lacy loveliness.

Either way, I'm sure your socks will be a winner!

Carrie said...

That yarn is really pretty--I love the colors!

becky c. said...

That is gorgeous!! Your secret pal is a lucky duck.

Shari said...

Hello from a fellow Haligonian. The yarns are gorgeous!