Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Greetings and a quick reminder

Hoi! Hola! Bon jour! Hey there, Sockapaloozas! Karen B. checking in with a hearty Windy City wave to my sock knitting peeps. Like many of you, I'm new to the palooza though this is not my first secret exchange. I can be found online at Yarn Is My Metier if you're of a mind to check in from time to time on my Sockapalooza progress.

One quick note: since we're using anonymous email addresses to communicate with our sock pals, those pesky email filters may consider the friendly communiques as spam. Be sure to check your spam folder for an appropriately titled subject line (something like "Sockapalooza Secret Pal") before deleting the email.

I look forward to discovering what each of you is creating from sticks and string.

1 comment:

Lexy Girl said...

Good point! Thanks for the reminder.