Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yarn - Check! Pattern - Check! Ready Steady KNIT!

Found the sock to knit and the yarn (although I can't remember if I have this one or the lagoon colourway... anyways it's blue). The pattern I don't actually have - it's a Sockmadness sock, but I know the lace from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury - tilting ladders - and I love what the designer has done with the the twist up the heel flap. I'm going to knit it toe up with a gusset and flap. I think it will have good give and be comfy. And I hope the colourway works well with it! I haven't heard back from my secret pal (spoilee) yet, I think she might be on hols. Hopefully I will get an email back from her soon as I have lots of questions to ask! I have alot of KIPs on the needles, but I know they won't keep me from casting on for this!

As for my own secret pal - drop me a line! I'd be thrilled to hear from you! In the meanwhile am having alot of fun reading through the entries and visiting blogs.



Laura said...

Jitterbug is lovely...I wanted to buy some for my Sock Pal, but can't really tell what the colours are like (she likes colourways that aren't too bright).


Alotta.knittin said...

I absolutely ADORE that yarn!! Great choice, no matter which colorway you chose!! Alotta