Sunday, July 1, 2007

sock yarn raffle

Hi all! A sock yarn raffle is in place to support Annie Modesitt and family during her husband's illness. Six Weeks of Socks Contest and also a wonderful grand prize. I wouldn't have posted it here if there wasn't a chance to win some yummy sock yarn, so hopefully this is okay!

In Sockapalooza news, I am 1 repeat away from starting the heel of sock 1. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY loving Monkeys so far and I am absolutely HOOKED on Lorna's Shepherd Sock now (first time trying it.) I have a birthday in 5 days I'm trying to finish Branching Out for, so that has cramped my Sockapalooza efforts slightly, but it's full speed ahead when it's done! After learning Judy's Magic Cast-on, I never thought I would do cuff-down socks again, but really wanted to do the Monkeys and I'm so glad because it has made me realize I thoroughly enjoy both techniques.

Ok, that's all! Hope everyone is well and having fun in Sockapalooza land!!!

-kb out

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