Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2 Quick questions!

One, what are people doing in the Uk as regards to the postal strike this week? On the 2nd we are supposed to have no post being delivered but I'm not sure about taking stuff to be posted?
Two, do we reveal our selves to our sock friend when we post or at a later date? Just wanted to check before I seal my socks up!


s b said...

Postal strike? Oh my...that's bad timing!
I'm revealing myself to my pal in the package. I think when she gets the package, that's the end of the swap.

Odie said...

Im not in the UK but why dont you call the Uk Post and ask them what's gonna happen if you ship your package the 2nd?
If I were in your shoes, I will send a anonymous email to my pal explaining the situation ( the package will arrive late, blahblah ) . In that case, she/he 'll know that you didnt forget her/him.

Bex said...

I know what the situation is unfortunately, I was just wondering how others where going to tackle it, with delays in postage, are they posting early? Later? I'm not sure what to do..will still try and post Thursday I think.
My pal is also in the UK thankfully so is aware it could be delayed.
Thanks for the advise about revealing, I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen (first swap) so thats great, thank you!