Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They're Finished!

Parasol Socks done in Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, Periwinkle colorway. Great little pattern and nice yarn. Yes, it's a bit splitty, but I'd use it again. Any splittiness is offset by the softness of this yarn...and the drape. Now, I'm making a pair for me!


nikki nimble needles said...

Very nice. I haven't used this yarn before, so thanks for the mini review. :)

Bonnie said...

You're welcome, and thanks for the nice words about the socks!

Crystal Palace Yarns said...


These are lovely!

re. the splittiness of Panda Cotton - we had a choice when we were working to develop this yarn. The mill send samples first for us to choose either (A)tighter ply with firmer, harder feel to yarn and knit socks or (B) a looser ply which was a little splitty but left the Panda Cotton feeling Oh-So much softer in the finished knit sock.... we choose (B)!

We'll link to your sock image from our sock blog.

Knit On!

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

Bonnie said...

Hi Susan! I'm glad you went for Oh-So Much Softer. It's lovely yarn, really, and I'm just now trying to decide on a color for myself. Thanks for your kind words.

prof laura said...

Hi Bonnie,
your socks are just lovely!! great work-womanship!
i'd like your ok to post your socks on our Sock blog

blessings, :L
cpy "sock guru"

Miss Me said...

very nice! how many balls did you need? i've had an "unfortunate incident" with my socks and have had to do a re-think... i can't get a third ball here in time! (and i'd agree about the yarn. a tad splitty but nice all the same.)

Bonnie said...

Hi Prof Laura, thanks for asking. Yes, go ahead and post away!

Hey Miss Me, I used 2 balls of the yarn. I had plenty of yarn for my sockpal, whose feet measure 10 inches from heel to toe. These are anklets, and the cuff is about 3.5 inches long. I hope that helps.