Sunday, July 8, 2007

Flutter-by socks

I posted several weeks back that I was halfway done with my sockpal socks. Well they are all done now except for a wash before they're sent off.

Several people expressed interest in a pattern and you may have seen me make a post on the Pligg (see right column) about these socks, but I thought I'd post here too just in case some of you aren't paying attention to the Pligg. I have written up a full pattern and a chart-only version, both of which can be found on my personal blog.

I know some people will be adding additional gifts to their sockpal packages, but is this the norm and it would be rude not to? I just wonder since 1. I don't know what else to put in the package and 2. I've got an international pal and don't want it to cost a fortune to send.


Devonshire said...

Those socks are beautiful and thank you so much for posting the pattern. Love the color too. I'm sure your pal is going to squeal with excitement when they receive those in the mail.

noricum said...

I've been in this swap twice before and not received anything extra (besides the postcard), so don't worry about it. It's the socks that are important... and yours are great!

debsnm said...

I was wondering about extras, too - and for the same reasons. I came up with a mesh bag to wash the socks in (as my sock pal specifically stated that hand-wash items always end up in the washer,and this way they CAN go in the washer) and some stitch markers that I'm going to make. I've been wanting to try my hand at making some, and I think this is my golden opportunity!

a blossom knits said...

Your sock pal LOVES your socks!!! *LOVE*