Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here they are at last - the socks which started in Europe, crossed the ocean and now are relaxing on the porch on one US coast prior to being sent to the other coast to my sockpal. And in keeping with their watery heritage, they are reading - what else ? - Virginia Woolf's The Waves .
I incorporated waves in the design - can you see the waves running up and down the leg ? I used Froelich Wolle Special Blauband, a Swiss sockwool, and the color ? Aqua, of course !


Sarah said...

I love these socks. Is the pattern Thirassia? I am knitting that pattern toe up for myself now. I adore it.

Regina said...

Sarah, the pattern is River Rapids and was posted by Sock Bug years ago on the internet. I printed it out and promptly forgot about it, but was happy to rediscover it, since it fit my watery theme perfectly. I would love to see your socks !

Knitted Bookworm said...

They're beautiful! I enjoyed hearing about their journey, too. All socks should have a story!