Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FO: Springgrass Socks

I hope my socks pal likes them. I hope they fit.

Sockapalooza 4 Socks

Pattern: Springgrass Socks
Source: Craftoholic
Yarn: Merino Semi-Solid Sock Yarn in 'Baja' by Mama Blue Knitting Goods
Needles: Knit Picks US2
Started: June 20, 2007
Finished: July 16, 2007


Jenn said...

They are lovely. I hear you on "I hope they fit." I have the same worries. But I'm sure she will love them.

Bonnie said...

I've made those, and it's a great pattern. Yours are beautiful...love the color. I, too, am a bit worried about fit...we shall see!

Susan said...

I know - "I hope she likes them! I hope they fit" - that is my current mantra!!!!

(and I did knee-highs, so I'm particularly worried about the fit!!!!)


Yours look BEAUTIFUL to me - I'd be thrilled to receive them myself!!!!!

Beck said...

That is a gorgeous pair of socks. Great job!