Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My socks are finished

and soon they will go all the long way to .....
Hey, you didn't really think I would tell you?

Here's a quick pic of the finished pair:

Hope my pal will like them.

And of course I'm really curious who did knit some socks for me. *lol*



Lloer said...

They're lovely!

Miss Me said...

mmm.... what's the pattern? it looks like one of the socks from lucy neatby's "cool socks, warm feet" - but is it???

marie-france said...

Love them!

Karin said...

Thanks for your comments.

Miss me, it isn't really a pattern.

You start by casting on twice the number of stitches you need. You work 3 or 5 (or how much you like) rows like this: 1st row purl, 2nd row knit, 3rd row purl, 4th row knit, 5th row purl and so on.
Then you reduce the number of stitches to the half by knitting two stitches together for each stitch.
Then you have the number of stitches you usually use for your socks. Knit the socks just like this: knit 2, purl 2.
That's all.

Of course you can knit any other pattern (just plain knitting e.g.) as well.