Saturday, April 28, 2007

Let's try this again

I tried to post an introduction several times last night, so I'm really hoping that this works this time. I've never known blogger to hiccup like this before...

Let's get to it then-
I'm a first timer to the whole Palooza thing, but I caught the tail end of the last round thanks to Wendy , and I knew that I had to get in on the next round. The whole reason I taught myself to knit 2 years ago was so that I could make hand-knit socks. A coworker of mine had some made by a friend of hers, and I fell in love. I wanted to do that. And so begins the tale of my relationship with yarn and needles (before that it was a crochet hook).

I love cables and pretty much every sock that Cookie A. designs. So, I'm really interested in seeing if my match has the same interests, or if I'm going to be broadening my skills with something new on this particular pair of socks.

I can usually be found here.

Let the fun begin!

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Cirilia said...

Hi! the database I listed my adoration for Cookie A. patterns. I personally never knit them because socks are my portable 'no-think' knitting, but I would LOVE to own some. Maybe we'll be matched!