Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello from Spain....I hope

Ahhhhhggg!!! Looks like blogger is giving me a hard time to post here. This is my 2nd sockapalooza, and I'm more than willing to get started...again, with Snt. Blogger's help
I'm Pilar and live in Gran Canaria (Spain) This is my knitting blog, just if someone feels for having a look :)
And this is the blog for Las Palmas Knits meetups, just in case you happens to be around and feel for dropping by :)

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Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hello Pilar,
Glad to see you will be part of Sockapalooza too. This is my first time participating and I love knitting socks!
I live in New Jersey in the U.S. but my husband and I will be visiting Barcelona, San Sebastian and the wine country this summer. Are you anywhere in that area?
Are there yarn shops you recommend?
Vist my blog at