Monday, April 30, 2007

Sock Pal acquired!

I'm completely thrilled. I got my sock pal today (as did pretty much everybody else), and I am going to start rooting through my sock yarn and see if I already have a good match. While I ponder the appropriate yarn, I have a question (or a request for advice).

I've been making socks for a couple of years now, but I've only finally gotten to the point where my socks fit me pretty much all the time. (I have a tendency to come out a little big). Any advice on how to make sure that the socks I'm making will actually fit the intended recipient (her feet are a little bit bigger than mine, so trying them on as I go won't really cut it).

Thanks! See you here and at my blog!
Seanna Lea


becky c. said...

I think the best way to insure perfect fit is to knit toe-up. You stop increasing the toe once you reach desired width, you stop working the foot once you reach desired length, etc. It is also helpful to knit a sock with "negative ease", meaning you make it .5 - 1" smaller than intended because socks strrrrretch!

heather t said...

Lifted these tips from the Wendy Knits site: "Multiply the number of inches [of the circumference] by the number of stitches you get per inch when you do a gauge swatch. Then subtract 10% from that total. Fudge your number so it’s divisible by 4. This will make a nice, snug-fitting sock."

I did this on my last pair and they fit great! Have fun!