Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm not feeling terribly articulate today (I stared at the subject bar and didn't come up with anything witty, so Hi! it is), but I wanted to say hello to all of the people in Sockapalooooza 4.

I did Sockapaloooza 3 where I was one of the lame bloggers who never posted their own updates but would look at lots of other people's socks. I've gotten better since then, so hopefully I will have sock and sock in progress pictures to show this time around.

I live in Massachusetts and have a yarn loving cat (I have to rip projects all the time for acts of cat). I'm studying computer science for fun at UMass Boston, but classes end in a few weeks and I will be spending some quality time with my 2.00 mm needles and some fine, fine yarn.

Seanna Lea

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