Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hi from another first-timer

This is my first sockapalooza and I'm thilled to be a participant. I have been knitting-obsessed for about six years. Socks are my newest knitting-related obsession, which explains the vast amount of sock yarn in my stash - 151 pairs worth! I look forward to indulging my sock fetish with all of you.


Sarah said...

LOL- can I come shop in your stash? Good thing sock yarn is tiny and easily hidden!

Tanya said...

WOW! I thought mine was growing leaps and bounds but it is nowhere near that! I bow before you, oh great sock yarn hoarder!

Heehee! Hope you get to use some of what you have for the swap...oh, who are we kidding! BUY MORE!!!

Sockergirl said...

Oh I like you already. I am glad to meet such a dedicate sock stasher and knitter. :) Glad you have also hear d about the sock yarn shortage that is coming. (It is very similar to Y2k... wait that did not really happen.... its like the great flood and building an ark.)