Monday, August 27, 2007

Socks from Erika!

Erika has sent me these lovely, lovely socks a few weeks ago...but I am in town, with a camera, and computer, and here to thank her for these gorgeous, perfectly fitting Roza socks (pattern by Grumperina) , a magnet, and great yarn art/postcards!!!! Awesome knitting, and awesome colorway. Thanks, Erika!!!!
My puppy ate my own second sock that I knit for my downstream pal (yes, it's true) and after reknitting the second sock (with new yarn, of course!)...they're ready to be sent to my pal with some goodies...when I told her what my pup did to her sock, she was such a good sport for waiting! :) Kris in NH

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Carrie said...

My dogs leave the socks I knit alone, but they really, really want to get ahold of the socks my Sockpal sent to me. Every time I try them on to admire them, the dachshunds run over and try to take a bite. Fortunately, as long as I keep them off the ground / living room chairs, the pups can't reach them!