Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am Done-apalooza!

As of last Friday evening at 7 p.m. ... they are finished!

SpecsPattern: BFF by Cookie A (the internet won't let me kink to the pattern! sorry! you'll have to google it yourownself)Yarn: Garn Studio's Fabel Superwash, Colour 677Needles: 2.75 mm Brysun, 5 inch length (I love them .... my total favorite needle. Ever.For: my SP4 Pal -- can't say who she is until she gets her package! I hope the colours and pattern suit her! The picture is a little brighter than the colours are live and in person -- but it is quite close.Mods: Just one ... I like the look of a wide cuff folded in half ... so made a 2 inch cuff instead of the 1 incher the pattern called for

Would I do it again? definately ... the pattern is not only pretty, but it is a really "quick learn" which makes it almost as easy as a Vanilla! I really like the look of the finished sock, and think they would be nice presents for Christmas. I would probably make a different heel, as the pattern calls for a stocking stitch heel, and i usually knit (and prefer) a thicker heel -- I knit it according to the patternI have several goodies to put in with the socks ... some treats from my area and some other knitterly things, which will all go in the post tomorrow (** Edit: it got reeally busy at work and in life, so I missed the post office and the store for paper -- but it will definately go ASAP.) It has been a lot of fun to knit the socks and a little challenging to try to get to know someone through their blog and via email, but it has been an interesting 'Palooza. I will be happy to finally be able to send the socks on their journey.

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