Saturday, August 18, 2007

slow to post

I have been a bad Sockpal. My socks arrived on August 4th and I have yet to post about them. Emma at Stitch'n Sue did an amazing job with the color and the pattern. They are waving lace and I can't remember the yarn but it is absolutely wonderful and I love the colors. I love the additional yarn she sent me from East Wind Farms. I took photos right away of the socks, but did so on my (now, as of Aug 14th) MIL's camera and then had trouble getting the photos from them. Throw in a very secret elopement for my husband and I this past week and a brief honeymoon and you get one very neglectful sock pal!

Emma, thank you so much for my wonderful socks. Your knitting is amazing and every stitch so perfect. I feel so lucky to have received your socks. I am currently working out what pattern I want to use for the East Winds Farms yarn. I am tossing around a few ideas and have yet to make a decision. I love the colors and how the yarn feels. So soft.

Thank you again for making my first sockapalooza experience a great one!

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