Friday, September 14, 2007

Socks Received (and happily worn!)

My socks arrived in mid-August... just before I went on vacation. So I threw them into my suitcase and headed out. They are wonderful! My sock pal did a great job. They're a cable/lace pattern that I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself, but now that I've worn them, I might do some more like them! I've never been a lace sock wearer... but I think these have changed my mind.

She also sent a great project bag (in use for a new sock project) and a bag of wonderful chocolate (long gone!).

I found Carissa's blog and she mentioned some concerns with the pooling/striping... Not a concern to me - I think the pattern is busy enough that it's less noticeable.

So thank you Carissa over at Chrysalis Knits!

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