Friday, September 14, 2007

Socks Received (and happily worn!)

My socks arrived in mid-August... just before I went on vacation. So I threw them into my suitcase and headed out. They are wonderful! My sock pal did a great job. They're a cable/lace pattern that I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself, but now that I've worn them, I might do some more like them! I've never been a lace sock wearer... but I think these have changed my mind.

She also sent a great project bag (in use for a new sock project) and a bag of wonderful chocolate (long gone!).

I found Carissa's blog and she mentioned some concerns with the pooling/striping... Not a concern to me - I think the pattern is busy enough that it's less noticeable.

So thank you Carissa over at Chrysalis Knits!

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Carissa said...

I'm so glad that you like them, and the bag! They were fun to knit, and I'll probably knit this pattern in another yarn too. It's always nice to convert someone else to the lace side! :)h