Sunday, September 2, 2007

Have a look of how lucky I am

I have received my wonders, in form of socks of sockpalooza. You can judge yourselves if they are or not wonders, And you cannot count on the impressive trick of the tact! My God! they are extremely smooth!

I looove the hole package, the socks done in koigu color pine, and the ball of yarn of trekking xxl in precious and very inspiring combination of colors that seem to shout to me to jaywalker! but I do not know if with these longer-than-life legs of mine would have to dare to me with that one pattern that seems to give so little elasticity…
One of the reasons to make interchanges is to know weavers, or simply crazy (by handmade, to be understand), of all parts and “to extend circles” either, because I have had the luck of which it surprises to me, so pleasingly The Comfy Bev, Bev is an enthusiastic one of the interchanges, as we can read in his blog, and an untiring and perfectionist weaver I have proofs of it! And you can have a look to the finished objects in her galleries of photos.
I want to take advantage of, also, to request excuses to him to Bev, my stupid mood has caused that does not answer to you before, to neither sends to a message nor nothing you, because there am been a little sad these days, excuses, again, or I have prevailed a change of rate and nothing to leave things for morning, mainly if me they make happy so and so.

Thank you very much Bev, is a pleasure to meet you

(Edited: I'm so kind of dissaster tht I haven't published this one when I wrote it... just don't answer, In my own blog it's posted weeks ago...)

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