Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finished Early - that almost never happens!

My pal's socks are done!
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get a picture onto this blog - the disadvantage of not having one of my own. I will see what I can figure out in the next day or so because I really want to share. They look good to me - it's lucky for my pal that my feet are 4 sizes bigger than hers!


Holly said...

When you are doing the "write a new post thing" you will see a format bar. If you hit the little picture thing, the program will walk you through uploading the picture.
You just need to have it on your computer somewhere (I have not tried uploading directly from the camera, the photos are too big to post)
Otherwise, email me off line and I can walk you through it.
It is really fun to see everyone's pictures.

Sockapalooza4pal said...

Congrats on getting done fast!

Knited said...

Holly: My sock pal has not contacted me so I have almost not start yet!!! Do you think I'm the last one to start? Oh! This is terrible! I'm trying to contact her but is impossible. Her name is KATHRYN. I need to know if what I started is her taste. Oh I'm so worried! Where is this girl!!!!!!!!!